FREE Printable - 2016 Planner Calendar

Kara Williams-Glenn - Friday, January 08, 2016


Professionals, parents, mix of both; we all want to start the year in organized bliss. That’s why our team created the 2016 FREE printable planner. It’s filled with key holidays, fantastic motivational quotes and a few little fun extras, of course.

Quick! Better download now, before it’s Christmas again.


Thanksgiving Dinner Awkward Conversation Survival Kit.

Kara Williams-Glenn - Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving is marked with with the joy of family togetherness. We give thanks for our loved ones and our bountiful year. This warm fellowship abounds until a seemingly harmless topic turns into a near post apocalyptic throw down worthy of Mad Max characters. Suddenly everyone at the table silently sits in bitter silence eating your cranberry sauce, but not enjoying it.

Well, not this year. ZebraGraphics is here to help you win with light-hearted table conversation even your Angry Uncle or Overly Politically Sensitive Grown Child can’t find fault with.

DOWNLOAD THE FREE PRINTABLE: Cut on the dotted lines and enjoy the polite conversation topic cards.

Simplify Your Brand

Missy Warp - Thursday, January 22, 2015
Branding is a term that is thrown-around frequently in the modern world of marketing and advertising. But, what does it really mean and why is it so important?

First, let’s clear some up some misconceptions. A product and a brand are not the same thing. A product is technically “anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need.” A brand is technically “a name, term, design or other feature that distinguishes one seller's product from those of others.” Basically, a you apply a brand to a product to make it unique. A brand is your identity.

With the invention and advocation of the Internet, a swath of media has filled our daily lives. More companies and products are coming to light every day. In addition, people have developed filters that have allowed the blocking of certain messages that they deem unnecessary. With all this in mind, it is ever more important to distinguish yourself from others and learn to communicate your message well. This is where branding comes in.

A good example of branding that has been used time and time again is from Apple. From the “Think Different” campaigns to the iPod, the company has defined itself. We see Apple as simple, yet elegant. We see them as innovative. We see them as a company that produces luxury electronics.

We know that not every company can be like Apple, but it is, in any case, still important to know who you are and what you want your consumers to know about you.

At ZebraGraphics, we can help you create your identity and visually communicate it to the world. It’s simple.

It all starts with a good logo. Professional logo design will help your company make your mark. The best logos are the simplest. You want a clean mark and clear text that your clients can easily identify and remember. We'll begin by discussing what sets you apart from your competition. Our team of trained professionals know typography and illustration and will provide sketches to direct us in narrowing down your "look." Once we're on the right path, our designers will incorporate your uniqueness into a mark that is clearly YOU. The finished product will be provided to you in black and white and color options in an array of file formats you can use to keep your brand consistent across every platform.

Once we've nailed down the perfect logo, you're going to be ready to show it off to your clients. Make all your corporate communication memorable with well-designed stationery from ZebraGraphics. We can provide you with everything from business cards and letterhead to custom thank you cards and matching envelopes. The more your clients see your logo, the more top-of-mind awareness you'll create.

And good branding doesn't end with your business card. Keep your look consistent from the small things like brochures and flyers to the big stuff like signs and banners. ZebraGraphics makes consistency simple. Since we know your look, we can help you maintain it!

Let us #SimplifyYourBrand.